If you are looking for high quality, cost effective, and reliable service, Anchor Bay Powder Coat is your source. KIMASTLE strives to maintain a healthy relationship with its suppliers ensuring its customers that our services will exceed their expectations. KIMASTLE hold this standard to every supplier and Anchor Bay Powder Coat has exceeded expectation when it comes to customer service, quick turn around, and quality.

Kirk Gilewski Jr

During the past 20 years our company has worked with Anchor Bay Powder Coating servicing our air filtration housings and panels for the HVAC industry. One of the key factors with our industry is for the coating to hold up to a number of climate changes.

We are confident when we send out our product that it will hold up to the worst conditions. Working with them over the years with their ability to coat all of our products makes it easy for us to quote jobs. Their quality and turnaround time is another great aspect of the company.

Marc Fulker


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