Powder Coating

Powder coating is a durable, attractive finish for any type of metal. At Anchor Bay Powder Coat, our specialized powder coating services are popular due to their wide range of uses and their durability compared to other finishes.

We ensure that our powder coating lasts longer than most other paint coatings and are more resistant to wear and tear. Our company is used to working with a vast number of different sized metals, and our state-of-the-art powder coating line is expertly controlled for quality and consistency of each project.

With our large capacity availability and expert knowledge, we can handle any size job; big or small! Let us handle all of your powder coating needs.


Line 1: 1000′ of line
Booth size: 20′ X 11′ X 8′
Oven size: 26′ X 8′ X 8′

Line 2: 1000′ of line
Booth size: 28′ X 16′ X 12′
Oven size: 24′ X 10′ X 9′
Streamlined process for quick color and fixture change to accommodate small to large parts, production to prototype parts and everything in between.

Liquid Paint

Our liquid painting services offers clients a large variety of coating applications including, but not limited to urethanes, epoxies, enamels, lacquers and water-based paints. At Anchor Bay Powder Coat, our expertise as a full-service finishing source is complemented by our highly diversified liquid painting services. Our equipment and process comply with standards across the many industries that we serve.


Line 1: 1000′ of line
Booth size: 28′ X 16′ X 12′
Oven size: 24′ X 10′ X 9′
Excellent fit for plastic prototype parts, fascias, rocker moulding, etc.

Sand Blast

Our sand/media blasting methods can be used effectively on steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum and glass products. These processes can be used on a variety of parts—from automotive restoration to cleaning up machine and auto body parts, pipes and pipe fittings and structural steel. We’re experts when it comes to using sand/media blasting to remove rust, paints, stains and glues from new materials.


Booth size: 24′ X 14′ X 11′
Full dust collector, Clean air in, Reclaimer, Small to large parts

Burn Off

The burn off process provides an easy and efficient method for cleaning many different sizes of parts. This process gives us the ability to clean many parts at once with little or no pollution or hazardous waste. Burn off methods also offers our clients many other advantages such as minimal labor needed to get the job done and a quick turnaround time.


Oven size: 13′ X 10′ X 8′
Fully self contained, perfect for breaking down old coatings for reworks


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